Welcome to our Cornilo Riding website. You will find all the latest activities, prices and special offers on this home page. We hope our website gives you an idea of what we can provide, but we'd much prefer to meet you and show you around in person. Call the office on 01304 380369 and arrange a visit.

Coronavirus updates:


25th March 2021

From next week we see government restrictions lift and with all outdoors sports open the riding school can begin lessons again!

We need to remain cautious against disease transmission , so here is our list of do's and don'ts:

Do not come if you are not feeling well - call and cancel

Do wear clean (freshly washed) gloves

Do sanitise your hands on arrival and departure from the stables

Do still sign in and out

Do wear face coverings at all times on the yard (can be removed once your are mounted up)

One at a time in the office and limit your time to a minimum

Collect your horse from it's tie up and take it to your riding area to mount up

After your lesson return your horse to the tie-up

If you are requested to un-tack your horse, leave the tack on the saddle horse outside the tack room (tack room out of bounds)

Do pay by bank transfer or contactless where possible

Do keep a social distance of 2m

Do not bring spectators to watch (we need to avoid overcrowding)

Do follow the 'Rule of 6'

Do not stay to socialise or watch other lessons


27th February 2021

Firstly we would like to thank everyone who has donated money, time and assistance over this latest lockdown - we couldn't continue without it! All donations are greatly received and much appreciated, it has kept us afloat with the hay, farrier and routine vet visits, thank you (just March to get through). 

Just one more month to go before we can officially re-open (March 29th) with the rule of 6. There will be an Easter Holiday Program put together including Pony Club Rallies. Keep watching for updates.....................Marina and Robert


5th January 2021

As per Government requests, we have had to close again. There will be no lessons at all.

Those of you who own or loan horses or ponies are still permitted to exercise them.
The costs of hay, veterinary treatment and hoof care is extensive and unforgiving.
We would like to thank those who have already helped financially and physically.

If anyone would like to sponsor a horse or pony again like they did so kindly in March, please contact Marina.


20th December 2020

Due to Government restrictions of Tier 4, Cornilo Riding will be closed for group lessons until further notice. If you own or loan a horse and need to care fo it you MUST book a time with Marina. No meeting with other riders, everyone to face masks when on the yard, only 1 person in the feed room, tack room and surrounding area. Please keep refreshing this page for updates.

Seasons greetings..............Marina and Robert


27th November 2020

Good news!

Advice from both Government and British Horse Society allows Cornilo to open once again for lessons from Wednesday 2nd December.

All lesson schedules that were in place before lockdown will be resumed. To maintain low-risk as possible we request that riders only bring an adult to supervise, families to spectate is not yet allowed.

Marna is trying to get in contact with you all, so the phone line may be busy - you can confirm your lessons vis text to Marina or email via theoffice@corniloriding.com

We look forward to seeing you all very soon!


12th November 2020

We have had another new directive from the BHS and DEFRA. Cornilo Riding is not allowed to reopen for lessons (not even 1:1 lessons). Staff and existing clients may visit the premises (please telephone Marina and make an appointment) to care for horses that they own or care for. You may continue to exercise/ride the horse you care for in an outsdoor space in a 1:1 meeting with another person. We request that only you and one other from your household comes to the stables as we still need to operate Covid-secure precations on the yard. New clients may telephone Marina and we will hold your details until we are allowed to commence riding lessons again.


11th November 2020

Thank you to all those customers who have helped enormously by donating or sponsoring a horse/pony. We have been able to get most of the horses back into their herds and all receiving hay. We really appreciate the people who are loaning the horses, keeping them fit and cared for. Everyone is learning new skills and confidence.


2nd November 2020

The Government now says we may open, but only to teach existing clients 1:1. Unfortunately, when we did this after last lockdown it caused us to loose money so there are currently no lessons on offer. We are, however, loaning out horses to existing (and capable) customers. Please contact Marina if you are interested. 


1st November 2020

The Government has told us to close the riding school on Thursday 5th November, so lessons will continue until then. Please contact Marina if you have horses/ponies on loan/at livery to receive advice on how to proceed. The riding school horses are being moved onto what will be next summer grazing, in order to save money on hay. We can only hope that we get a mild winter and the grass continues to grow. We will endeavour to keep you all updated.


13 October 2020

We are now confident with our Covid precautions, hand sanitiser on arrival, only 3 people in the office at any one time, a one-way system in and out of the office and distancing measures of 1m & 2m throughout. Fewer numbers in lessons (no more than 4) and track and trace contacts are taken. We look forward to seing you all soon!


2nd August 2020

We can now offer lead-rein lessons to new customers! All riders must have a competent person with them who will be expected to lead the pony, plus carry out close-range adjustments under full instruction. There are also a few horses and ponies coming up for loan in September (for regular clients who are able to catch/groom etc independently).


4th July 2020

 We are delighted to be able to allow groups of up to four riders again. All riders must be able to tighten their own girths and adjust stirrups (unless a family member can do it for them).


15th May 2020

The Riding School will be open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays for private lessons to regular clients that are able to adjust girth & stirrups independently. Please call the office to book your slot. Social distancing and enhanced hygiene practices will be compulsory.


13th May 2020

Further to guidance for recreational sport and exercise from the Government, Sport & Recreation Alliance and Sport England, the BHS is advising that riding schools, facility centres and livery yards in England may re-open from Wednesday 13th May 2020 whilst observing the current Government guidance in relation to social distancing. In addition there will be further Government guidance on hygiene and increased biosecurity for the resumption of sport which must be followed. This information will be made available on the gov.uk website in the coming days and we will share it once it has been made available.

To align with the latest Government guidelines that you may only exercise in groups of no more than two unless you are exclusively with members of your household, riding schools and freelance coaches are advised to provide lessons or coaching to individuals only, not to family groups. Please see the gov.uk Q&A for further information in this regard.

The continuation of this advice and guidance is conditional based upon the criteria set by Government and is therefore subject to change.

Special Offer For New Clients

Never ridden before? Rode as a child and fancy giving it another go? Our 3 lessons for £60 might be worth a try (saving you £15). One offer per person, a set of 3 private half-hour lessons, designed to your requirements. We loan you hat and boots free of charge.

Riding time to be Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Phone Marina 01304 380369 and make your booking (card payments accepted over the phone). Offer extended to December 2020

Pony for a Day

Availible during school holidays on Wednesdays and Thursdays,  10am - 4pm,  £40 per person. No previous experience is necessary as you will be fully supervised, the day will include grooming, tack cleaning, feeding, turning out and the all-important 1 hour of riding. Hats and boots are provided free of charge, but bring your own packed lunch.

Our 2hr hacks have had to be put on hold for the time being. When they are reinstated you'll be the first to know.

All activities can be booked and paid for by phoning the office on 01304 380369 or by emailing theoffice@corniloriding.com

Cornilo Riding has been a BHS Approved Riding School for more than 20 years

We are proud to be a Pony Club Centre

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