Currently we are full and cannot accept any new liveries       [March 2024]

Liveries at Cornilo Riding

Cornilo Liveries offers a range of livery options, providing 24/7 care by experienced, qualified and trusted staff.To promote a positive environment, our horses live out in small herd groups (stabling is available), and are given supplementary hay during winter months using galvanised circular hay feeders specially designed for horses, with a haynet over the top to reduce waste. Pasture is managed on a rotational system, with a minimum of 6 weeks rest between occupation. This complements our reduced and target specific worming programme. All horses and ponies are weighed every 16 weeks, at which time a sample is taken for Worm Egg Sampling. The results and circumstances of each individual horse determines whether anthelmintic is required. Since operating this managed system, the requirement for 'wormers' has been reduced dramatically. The livery services can range from total 24/7 care to provision of premises only, so here are a few of the options we can offer. We understand that everyone has individual requirements and are happy to try to create a livery package that suits you.

All new livery customers have an opportunity for a trial month. A month’s livery is paid for in advance and the contract is offered. After the trial period, the formal contract is signed and agreed upon, with you paying the livery each month in advance by standing order, plus any add-ons will be emailed to you as a mini bill for you to pay separately. All liveries agree to abide by the Equine Industry Welfare Guidelines Compendium 3rd edition. By law, livery passports must always remain on the premises with the horse (Horse Passport Regulations 2009).

Working Livery

There are many good reasons why working livery could suit you. If you have a busy week schedule, working livery frees up your time for more riding. Your horse would be exercised within the riding school under professional supervisionon a light workload. They receive a complementary annual medical inspection by an independent vet, plus individual horserecords are kept, enabling any livery charges to be specific. Clients with horses/ponies on livery benefit from discounted activities and lessons, plus access to a private track for hacking and use of the sandschool between lesson times.Working livery clients can have the vet and farrier visits organised for them. Professional and experienced staff are available for consultations and are out and about the fields several times a day to keep an eye on things. Comprehensive medical records kept for each horse. A proven reduced and targeted worming programme, less chemicals being required, which includes use of the weighbridge and condition scoring. Yard closed on Mondays so all horses get a day off. Livery owners may also book the use of the sand school, small indoor school, xc and show jumps when not being used by the riding school and if the ground is suitable. Working liveries have tack space in the locked/alarmed tack room, with extra box storage beneath, plus a dedicated area in the rug attic for storage of up to 4 rugs plus travel gear and a drying rack. There is also a discounted rate for those who have a second horse at working livery. Working livery owners are welcome to borrow Cornilo stable tools/wheelbarrows free of charges.

DIY Livery

A basic service that provides you with a field, waterand a tie-up at the yard. You can choose to rent a stable or not, and are responsible for buying your own bedding & feed. You are totally responsible for all the care that your horse needs, and we would expect you to make twice daily visits, one before 9am and the other after 3pm. It is compulsory to join our worming regime. Extra storage space in the attic can be rented for your rugs (4) and other equipment. You are expected to purchase all your own tools, haynets, buckets etc.

Assisted Livery

This starts as a DIY livery, but with specific add-ons that you require. This can take form of working livery from Monday to Friday, and DIY livery at weekends. Or perhaps you can manage mornings but not evenings. The assisted liveries work to suit you, with clear-view pricing for you to plan your budget around. Chat with us about what you need and we can hopefully come to an arrangement that works. As with other liveries, storage is provided, plus access to sand school and the benefit of discounted activities and lessons.

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