New Customers

Anna Lewis on Lottie having an assessment session with Sally

It is a British Horse Society requirement that all new clients are assessed by a qualified Instructor. This enables the Instructor to assess your riding ability in order to choose which lessons and activites, horses and ponies to offer to you. We understand that everyone has different needs and expectations from their riding, and we are committed to ensuring that your riding sessions are tailored to suit you, whether private or grouped. We are here at your service, to support your riding experience and enhance it. There is a wide range of horses and ponies to choose from, so we feel confident you will find your perfect match!


We provide hats, boots and gloves free of charge, until you are ready to purchase your own.


So why not take advantage of our "3 for £70" offer? Three separate thirty minute private lessons to new adult clients, giving you a taste of what it's all about.


Riding Lessons

Stacey Wales and Tamsin May having a semi-private lesson (with Sally) on Bertie and Sawyer

We offer lessons in both riding and stable management, for riders of all ages and abilities, either in a group (of up to 6), semi-private or private lessons. 
Lesson duration is up to you, but group lessons are normally for 1 hour; private and semi-private lessons can be for 30 or 45 minutes.
Our clients enjoy the varied curriculum we offer, and our facilities enable us to include dressage, show jumping, cross country, polo and tuition for BHS exams. We can also accommodate large groups such as schools, families, team building days or hen/stag parties.

Price for a 1 hour group lesson Adults £37 Children £28 (correct on 9/6/2024)

Pony For the Day

Amy Heath and a beautifully painted 'Blue'

Come and join our Pony for the Day experience, during every school holiday, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10am - 4pm.
The minimum age is 6 years, and no previous experience is necessary.
Cost: £55 per day
This day is a combination of structured, supervised fun and practical activity days at Cornilo Riding. Each day will include bringing the ponies in from the paddocks, grooming, tacking up, 1 hour of riding, plus pony related activities and games all in a safe and friendly environment.


What to wear:

Dress according to the weather
Strong boots or shoes (no trainers) we have plenty to loan you free of charge
Long sleeved top (to protect against cuts & scratches)
Jodphurs, thick leggings or track suit trousers

What to bring with you:
A packed lunch
Plenty to drink
Gloves (we have plenty to loan you)
Riding hat (we have plenty to loan you)

These Pony for the Day must be pre-booked - contact us on 01304 380369

Riding for the Disabled Association

RDA National Finalists at Hartpury 2023, Sharon Kelsall, riding Fly (held by Owner Gaye Waters) and Coach Gail Dennis

The Cornilo Group RDA was established in October 1981 and provides riding sessions for local school children with physical, behavioural and learning difficulties. These lessons are heavily subsidised by donations and fund raising activities.


We are always glad of volunteers to help groom and lead the ponies, ' side walk' or assist with mounting and dismounting.


We also offer private lessons on other days for anyone with particular needs - using the RDA horses and RDA qualified instructors.

Pony Club

Imagine a partnership as good as this one!

Cornilo Riding became a Pony Club Centre in August 2015. Children who join the Pony Club at Cornilo Riding benefit from discounted activities plus access to a wide range of learning opportunities such as country lore, nature knowledge and pet care. (Membership for Pony Club is £41 per year from 9/6/2024). 

Pony Clubbers need to keep an eye on the noticeboard in the office - we have rallies and outings running during each of the school holidays!

Pony Parties

Isla and Georgie

For a birthday to remember, why not arrange to bring your friends to the stables? We can accommodate complete beginners or riders with some experience or a mixed ability group. Hats and boots can be provided. Bring your own party picnic - we offer the gazebo in sunny weather and indoor table and benches for 8, with a fridge, freezer and worktop with microwave and kettle. There are toilet and hand washing facilties. Choose a theme for your party - Cowboys & Indians, Prince & Princesses, Highwaymen, Jousting - or an idea of your own!  The usual format is for the party goers to meet the ponies, prepare them to ride, ride for an hour, un-tack, wash hands and enjoy the party food (it has been known for one pony in particular to come and join in....).  Current price (as at 9/6/24 is £28 per person)


3 very happy little ponies!

Although a footnote, we at Cornilo Riding are passionate about positive welfare, as set out in The Equine Industry Guidelines.


All our horses and ponies are trained using verbal pre-signals, then pressure/response/release/reward techniques, and this method is encouraged for all riders - even our youngest ones. 


The amount of work each horse or pony does is monitored. No animal is expected to do more than 12 hours per week, averaging out at 2hours per day, with all horses and ponies getting Monday as their day off.

Rider weights

We follow FEI rider weight guidelines, which calculates the horses weight and condition, their age, any health concerns. 20% of bodyweight is the starting point, then we deduct the weight of the tack and the balance of the rider before coming to an advisory weight limit. If any rider exceeds this limit or any individual animal appears to struggle, we will offer the rider another horse or pony. 


Cornilo Riding operates a respect for all - both humans and animals, we constantly seek to improve our service and seek new skills..... we do not encourage the use of spurs, restricting nosebands, harsh bits, gadgets, martingales etc. Any use of a whip is strictly monitored - riders are encouraged to apply the whip onto their boot to make the sound and gain the horse's attention, rather than using it on'flesh'. All whip thongs are turned back and taped (or cut off!). New riders have to "earn their reins" - the reins attached to the headcollar until they have sufficient stability to be in control of their rein aids, then are put onto the bit. We are undergoing a program to train the horses to go 'bitless', a slow but important process. Our tack is cleaned daily, checked regularly and repaired immediately.
Rider safety

All riders are provided with neckstraps and balance straps, and are required to wear long sleeved tops and footwear that has a clearly defined heel and minimal tread. Body protectors are compulsory for jumping and encouraged for all riding.

Riding hats must be to BHS approved standards: PAS 015, VG 01.040, AS/NZS 3838

Body protectors must be BEVA Level 3 purple label: 2009 or 2018 
Please feel free to read our policies that are on display in the office - they are there for YOU!!

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