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Positive Welfare

Making sure the horses and ponies stay happy and safe is at the heart of what we do. We are keen to promote kind behaviour and developing trust between all horses and riders. Positive welfare is about how much we can provide for the horses and ponies, rather than focusing on what is taken away from them.


Cornilo Riding is passionate about positive welfare, as set out in The Equine Industry Guidelines.



All our horses and ponies are trained using verbal pre-signals, then pressure/response/release/reward techniques, and this method is encouraged for all riders - even our youngest ones. 



The amount of work each horse or pony does is monitored. No animal is expected to do more than 12 hours per week, averaging out at 2hours per day, with all horses and ponies getting Monday as their day off.


Rider weights

We follow FEI rider weight guidelines, which calculates the horses weight and condition, their age, any health concerns. 20% of bodyweight is the starting point, then we deduct the weight of the tack and the balance of the rider before coming to an advisory weight limit. If any rider exceeds this limit or any individual animal appears to struggle, we will offer the rider another horse or pony. 



Cornilo Riding operates a respect for all - both humans and animals, we constantly seek to improve our service and seek new skills..... we do not encourage the use of spurs, restricting nosebands, harsh bits, gadgets, martingales etc. Any use of a whip is strictly monitored - riders are encouraged to apply the whip onto their boot to make the sound and gain the horse's attention, rather than using it on'flesh'. All whip thongs are turned back and taped (or cut off!). New riders have to "earn their reins" - the reins attached to the headcollar until they have sufficient stability to be in control of their rein aids, before they are attached to the bit. We are undergoing a program to train the horses to go 'bitless', a slow but important process. Our tack is cleaned daily, checked regularly and repaired immediately.

Rider safety

All riders are provided with neckstraps and balance straps, and are required to wear long sleeved tops and footwear that has a clearly defined heel and minimal tread. Body protectors are compulsory for jumping and encouraged for all riding.

Riding hats must be to BHS approved standards: PAS 015, VG 01.040, AS/NZS 3838

Body protectors must be BEVA Level 3 purple label: 2009 or 2018 
Please feel free to read our policies that are on display in the office - they are there for YOU!!

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