Sand school

We have an outdoor sand school measuring 20m x 40m, equipped with jump poles, wings, blocks and cones. The sand school is sheltered on 3 sides and is not overlooked.


The 'Flat Log' and 'Banana'

There are more than 40 permanent cross country jumps spread over 10 acres, ranging in height from 20cm to 90cm. There are drops, banks, troughs, ditches, coffins, water (when it rains), both bespoke and commercially designed (all professionally staked down).

Mounting blocks

Our premises consist of a spacious concrete car park, with a sloped tarmac drive to the stable yard. We have stabling for 9 horses or ponies, plus stalls and tie ups for a further 15 horses and ponies.

Show jumping paddock

Our show jumping paddock is in use from April to October. We have a full set of wooden show jumps with safety cups and keyhole tracks for the spreads.

Summer polo pitch

A full size outdoor polo field is normally 274m long and 146m wide.
There are two polo pitches here at Cornilo Riding.
Our winter pitch is just 80m long and 20m wide, and the summer pitch is 100m long and 30m wide. 


Dressage arena in lower cross country paddock

We are lucky to be able to enjoy a 40m x 20m grass dressage arena during the summer months. Sometimes we make it a 60m x 20m arena.

Summer gazebo

Our indoor facilities include seating and kitchenette, toilet and handwashing, gazebos in the summer, heated office and tack room, lecture room, plus a small 20m x 20m indoor school for those who really cannot tolerate British weather!

Riding home

We have some beautiful bridlepaths and exclusive rides through 1000 acres of privately owned chalk downland and woodland.

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